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Breakfast, the most profitable meal of the day

Ten years ago, we were two young chefs dreaming of culinary greatness while opening our first restaurant, Amuse Bouche Bistro. My husband and I had a vision that everyone who came to eat there would ‘share and delight’ in or dream. How could they not? The menus would feature a…

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What is Tahini?

It is the indispensable condiment for falafel and many Middle Eastern dishes, also one of the main ingredient in any respectable hummus.Tahini is the name for the sesame paste used to make the tahini sauce. If you travel to the middle east pronounce it as T’heena.When describing tahini, I tell…

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Falafel – A Story & A Recipe

A round deep-fried patty made of chickpeas, fava beans or both (Wikipedia)At their best they are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, full of bright fresh herb flavor and spices. At their worst they are tough, bland and represent everything that is wrong when ethnic cuisines migrate west.The…

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